The Venue: Rouselleio Municipal Theater of Mytilene


    The conference will take place at "Rouselleio" Municipal Theater of Mytilene, in the heart of the city's harbor. It is called "Rouselleio" in honor of Gregory Rousellis, a great benefactor of Mytilene city and the whole Lesvos island. Rousellis offered from his property, the amount of money required for the construction of the theater.


    It is a modern Municipal Theater and conference center, in the center of Mytilene's harbor, equipped with 450 seats in amphitheatrical position. The hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment as well as translation cabins in order to serve as a conference center. An access ramp for people with disabilities is also available.


    The theater stage of the Municipal Theater of Mytilene is probably the most modern in Greece: it is a circular rotating stage of Italian manufacture, installed by special Italian technicians. In the back of the stage there are comfortable dressing rooms and at the entrance of the theater there is a cafe. The foyer at the top of the theater hosts exhibitions.


    It is worth mentioning that from the proceeds of the property of Gregory Rousellis, according to his will, every year since 1952, an amount of 40.000-50.000 euros (depending on the finances of his legacy) is donated as a wedding allowance for poor girls, and the amount of 12.000 euros to cover various needs of the Municipal Theater of Mytilene.

Location on the map

Municipal Theater of Mytilene

3 Kountouriotou Str., Mytilene

+30 2251 037 393